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Guarantee transport security

Faced with the globalisation of freight exchanges and personal mobility, the transport sector has become a privileged vector for a range of illegal acts. Whether for the air, rail or sea sector, the authorities and operators strive to implement the human and technological means required to thwart all types of traffic or attempts to damage the integrity of the system. VISIOM provides a set of solutions based on multiple technologies.

Address the transport security challenges

We are present at every stage of your project. From the expression of your requirements to the construction of your customised security solution, including the supply, installation and maintenance of the system deployed, and training of personnel.

Air, sea and rail

Air transport

Air transport security relies on various technologies integrated in a global system applied to the screening of persons and baggage. The solutions proposed comply with European and French legal obligations, performance requirements as well as the operating and availability constraints which are particularly stringent in this sector of activity.

The technologies described below are an integral part of this security plan. Discover our automatic hold and carry-on baggage screening solutions. The security system also includes passenger screening, detection of traces and conventional and multiplexed baggage and parcel screening systems.

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Sea transport

On board ship or on land, sea transport must protect itself from illegal acts to which ships are exposed, such as the traffic of prohibited goods. Since our solutions include screening of containers and screening of persons, which require different devices, the means to be deployed must be designed accordingly.

Our broad range of products covers all vectors which can be used to introduce threats or prohibited freight. The passenger screening equipment can be used either on the ship or installed in the boarding terminals.

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Rail transport

As history has shown, rail transport has also been a target of terrorist acts or attempts. Whether urban, interurban, national or international, the security rules and obligations are now increasingly deployed on this transport sector. Some deployments in stations are already operational.

We propose a broad range of systems applied to the screening of rail transport baggage and users. Depending on your specifications, we can include specific measures concerning NRBC. Consult our product lines and contact us to tell us what you need.

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Our network of agencies and technical subsidiaries is deployed strategically over all the countries covered to ensure our partners benefit from proximity services.

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