Secteurs d'activité

Sites sensibles

Parce que les vecteurs de risques d’actes illicites sont différents en fonction de l’activité du site, les solutions technologiques doivent être pensées et dimensionnées à ces risques et aux contraintes opérationnelles. Les différentes solutions techniques proposées sont adaptées à la sûreté des accès aux bâtiments publiques et culturels, aux sites industriels et tertiaires ou encore appropriées aux métiers de l’hôtellerie.

Protection of sensitive sites against illegal acts

We are present at every stage of your project. From the expression of your requirement to the construction of your customised security solution, including the supply, installation and maintenance of the system deployed, and training of personnel.

Administrative & tertiary buildings

These sites which are sensitive due to their activity must protect themselves every day against illegal acts intended to endanger employee security or business continuity. The solutions proposed are designed to meet these risks.

Our solutions are based on our baggage, parcel and mail screening equipment as well as the screening of persons through the detection of objects made of metal or any other material.

Detention centres

Prison authorities have numerous screening requirements dedicated to accesses or to the inside of the prisons, accesses to the Court Rooms or to administrative buildings. The solutions proposed must be highly adaptable to cope with these numerous configurations.
Thanks to our walk-through metal detector technologies, combined with our broad range of X-ray tunnels, we can meet this wide range of requirements.

Thanks to our walk-through metal detector technologies, combined with our broad range of X-ray tunnels, we can meet this wide range of requirements. 

Industrial centres

Whether your production activity needs to be protected against malicious intentions, either on your production unit or to your products or industrial secrets, your security means must be adapted to the risks and the environment of your site. We help you to design your system, adjust it to your input and output flows, with means adapted to detect the targeted threats.

Choose your screening system from our ranges of metal detector walk-throughs, X-ray systems, systems used to detect the presence of persons in vehicles and detect hazardous materials. Our ranges have also been designed as a non-destructive quality control tool for your production.

Hotel sites

Hotel sites accommodating international populations have been the target of acts of terrorism on several occasions. Adopting a security/safety strategy is one way of reassuring both customers and employees alike.

Due to the technological diversity of our equipment, we can design and implement this strategy at the entrances, delivery accesses, car parks, left luggage lockers, etc. Find our personal, baggage and delivery screening solutions.

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For the Sensitive sites

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