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To meet the service obligations set by the airport operators, the screening checkpoint is clearly one of the best improvement vectors. Our integrated screening checkpoint solutions, designed to keep up with changing regulations, systems and technologies, are described below.

VISIOM is offering the global screening checkpoint solution which includes all the latest technologies in terms of baggage and passenger security in order to optimise the services provided to passengers while guaranteeing that this type of installation complies with legal requirements.

Passengers using these lines will no longer have to take their electronic devices or liquids out of their baggage or undergo complete and intrusive pat-downs. Security agents will work in an environment where ambient noise will be controlled, with technologies providing them with unequalled imagining and decision aid tools.

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ClearScan HiSpeed C3
ClearScan HiSpeed C3
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VISIOM is offering the global screening checkpoint solution which includes all the latest technologies in terms of…

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Our work group analyses, develops and proposes solutions best meeting the specific expectations of each individual case.


Over the years, our teams have acquired extensive experience and adaptability to ensure that our systems are installed under the best possible conditions.


Our approved training programs on the operation and maintenance of our equipment are created and customised according to the operational context.


We provide a complete maintenance, on-call duty and hotline service for all our products.

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Sensitive sites
Since illegal act risk vectors vary depending on the site activity, the technological solutions must be designed and sized according to these risks and the operational constraints.
Freight - Logistics
Fixed and mobile systems used to check goods and protect freight in compliance with applicable regulations.
Border controls
Since there are numerous types of border control, whether for the screening of persons or goods in a vehicle, a truck or a sea container, the state authorities must acquire and use the means adapted to each mission.
Events - Rental
Security has become a vital aspect for event organisers. We have therefore dedicated some of our equipment to meet the temporary requirement for a screening checkpoint over a very short period of time.